It is true, although it is hard for me to say it, there are some people who don’t see the point of jewellery – imagine that! Obviously I disagree with this so I will put forward, what I hope to be, three compelling points for the case of jewellery: 1. Connection to famil...
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January 12, 2018

Did someone say, 'Cameo'?

When the word cameo is mentioned, many people conjure up an image of their grandmother or an older lady wearing one in the form of a brooch, the cameo usually being the side profile of a pretty woman, with soft ringlet hair and frequently set in a surround of ornate yellow g...
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Competition Design

September 3, 2017
Not so long ago, I went with my husband to one of his work functions. A professor engaged me in conversation.  He was intrigued to learn that I was a goldsmith and he proceeded to quiz me on the subject. His final question was, “Are you any good?” I don’t mind a ...
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The Pearl

'A thing of breathtaking beauty', a currency of old, more valuable than a city, a symbol of status and from the words of Pliny, the world’s ‘most exquisite and beautiful.’...
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A design idea is often sparked for me after seeing something. What that something is, could be anything! The anything then mulls around in my mind morphing into various designs. For this particular piece of jewellery the something sparked from seeing a beautiful carpet...
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Pearls, Power, Wars - Part 4

February 8, 2017

Pearls in Ancient China

It's hard to imagine, but pearls have been a part of Chinese culture for as long as four thousand years....
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The Romans and Pearls

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears." ' I hereby decree pearls to be Rome's most precious commodity!' ...
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Pearls, Power, Wars - Part 2

September 29, 2016

A Great Topic

When the authors of the book, from which I draw reference, decided to write about Pearls, they were amazed at the scope of the topic. Their book is impressive in size and they note that they have only covered a mere ' sampling of the data' out there. So let us head back to...
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Pearls, Power, Wars - Part 1

September 8, 2016

Discovery of Pearls

The discovery of pearls is so far back in time that it can only be surmised as to how it happened. The banks of the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and Indian Ocean were rich with pearl bearing molluscs. As the molluscs were so plentiful & located in relatively shallow waters...
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Unexpected Event

An unexpected event required my work room to undergo repairs and temporary closure. The thought of not being able to be creative & make jewellery for some time, was not an appealing thought. And so it was, per chance, luck, fate, divine intervention, 'the force', -...
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