Ruby Jewellery

July, the month for Rubies!

What images come to mind when you hear that word?

Mine are rich, red, expensive and a longing to have one of my own....

The word ruby comes from the Latin word 'ruber' which means red. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, rubies were called ratnaraj which means 'king of precious stones'. 

There are many myths and legends about this beautiful stone. It was treasured by early cultures in the belief that it held the power to life as its red colour was like that of blood flowing through their veins.

Ancient Hindus believed that by offering a ruby to the God krishna, they would be granted rebirth as emperors. 

Warriors from ancient Burma believed that wearing a ruby would make them invincible in battle; however the ruby had to be inserted into their flesh to be effective! 

Medieval Europeans wore rubies to ensure, health, wealth and love. And in the last few hundred years or more, rubies were the most sort after gem by European royalty, aristocracy.

Desire for ruby jewellery today is no less than it was a few thousand years ago - the beautiful colour plays with some of our most intense emotions - love, anger and passion!

So who needs one?

Ruby Earrings

Pictured below are two stunning pairs of ruby earrings.

Ruby studs: rubies and diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold.

Price $6390.00 Click here for more details.

Gem grade Australian South Sea pearls with rubies and diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold.

Price $5500.00 Click here for more details.


Information on rubies is from GIA - Gemological Institute of America


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