Bumblebee Jewellery

A  jewellery series inspired by a moment of marvelling at how bumblebees hover and bumble between flowers in a garden. 


Eve was designed and handcrafted to capture the romance and magic of life and to make any woman feel special. 

Bumblebee Pendant

A study of the bumble bee.  

A sterling silver petal and bee with some parts that have been oxidised and a touch of 18ct yellow gold. 

Bumblebee and Flower Pendant

Bumblebee on sterling silver flowers with gold filaments and turquoise centres. 

Bumblebees are attracted to the colour blue and some flowers have evolved to have small amounts of blue in them just to attract bees. 

Bumblebee Necklace

A necklace of faceted lapis lazuli beads with white gold echinacea flowers and an Australian South Sea pearl as bumblebee clasp.

Bumblebees were introduced to New Zealand in 1885 to pollinate red clover.

Bumblebee Necklace

This long necklace consists of flowers, lapis lazuli beads and a bumblebee made with an Australian South Sea pearl.


A bumblebee nest can have up to 400 bumblebees in it. A nest only lasts a year and before the year is out, the queen will lay new queens who will mate with drones (male bees) before they hibernate for the winter. The new queens emerge in spring looking for a place to nest close to a good food supply.

Bumblebee Pendant

This pendant was inspired by watching a bumblebee inside a trumpet flower.

A trumpet flower made from sterling silver, with a Tahitian pearl for the bumblebee, Mexican fire opals for the pollen and a cubic zirconia for the central stamen. 


Bumblebees are excellent pollinators. They vibrate their whole body in order to dislodge pollen from a flower.

Honey Bee Necklace

This necklace suited a honey bee, rather than a bumblebee. The golden South Sea keshi pearl was perfect for a honeybee. 


Bumblebees make honey, but they don't make a lot and apparently it tastes awful. 

Stylised Bee and Flower Ring

Stylised Honey Bee Pendant

A stylised honey bee and flower pendant and ring.
An orange sapphire and South Sea keshi pearl set in 9ct yellow gold.
 Pendant - Sold

Daisy Ring

A sterling silver daisy flower with yellow sapphires in the centre and a wee pearl bee.

Rings are made to order.


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