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Handmade Jewellery New Zealand

"I am fortunate enough to own several Kibblewhite pieces. I have come to share Lynaire’s love of pearls. What I really love the most is the personalisation of each of Lynaire’s pieces of art; a string of pearls will be made all the more beautiful by the handmade clasp made to suit the individual. I have purchased items for children (matching bunny necklaces for best friends), colleagues (cufflinks and earrings with our organisational logo), loved ones (cufflinks and bookmark with a Newfoundland dog head for my husband, shell necklace for my sister’s 50th), and of course as a treat for myself :-)  Lynaire’s talent and attention to detail is second-to none, making her jewellery an investment that will last through generations."

Katie Ayers - Paediatric Dentist

Handmade jewellery New Zealand


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