The Designer and Creator

About Lynaire Kibblewhite | Goldsmith

For as far back as I can remember, designing and creating has always been something I have loved to do. As a little girl, I would sit in my room for hours making things. It is very rewarding taking raw materials and fashioning them into an object of beauty, practicality or both.

For many years my creative artistry was focused on designing and making clothes for my daughters. However, it was my love of detail and beautiful jewellery which led me into goldsmithing. 

I have been working as a goldsmith since the mid 1990's. My training started at a goldsmith school in Australia. Inspiration for my handmade jewellery comes from many different sources; nature,  architecture, antique jewellery, ancient cultures, Greek and Egyptian, through to ideas and visions that form in my mind.

Every day spent in my work room brings with it a new challenge. This challenge is especially rewarding when I am creating a handmade piece of jewellery for a client.

  • GIA certificate in Pearls - July 2016
  • Independent valuation certificates available

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