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About New Zealand Jeweller, Lynaire Kibblewhite

My Statement

Jewellery is a multi faceted commodity. It has value for its intrinsic worth, for its connection to family and friends; past, present and future, and it is the finishing touch to any outfit, it will take you from 'passer to chic' !

How I started.....

For as far back as I can remember, designing and creating has been something I have always loved to do.  It is very rewarding taking raw materials and fashioning them into an object of beauty, practicality or both.

For many years my creative artistry was focused on designing and making clothes for my daughters and myself. However, it was my love of detail and beautiful jewellery which led me into gold smithing. 

My training to be a goldsmith began in the mid 1990's at a private jewellery school in Australia. I was taught how to design and hand craft jewellery - I simply loved it.

Jewellery design is very personal and for that reason I keep my design ideas open to all styles.  - I fear being boxed and everything looking the same!

'Style', one of my favourites words. Everyone has their own style and I truly enjoy grasping someone's style and handcrafting jewellery to match.

  • GIA certificate in Pearls - July 2016
  • Independent valuation certificates available
  • Jewellery New Zealand

"Over the past 20 years I have been the lucky recipient of several pieces of  jewellery crafted by Lynaire. On every occasion, whether by gift or request and whether for smaller or more significant projects, Lynaire has been a delight to work with. She approaches every step of the process with creativity, perfectionism, originality and flare. Her attention to the quality of materials, the integrity of her handiwork and her commitment to creating an item that 'fits' the person, is unrelenting. The result is not only a personalised item of jewellery, equal or surpassing in quality and investment to any Haute Couture piece, but also a work of art to treasure for generations."
Jo Dowling 


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