Handmade Jewellery Hamilton, New Zealand

Lynaire Kibblewhite - Award Winning Jeweller, Hamilton, New Zealand

Lynaire Kibblewhite is an award winning goldsmith who has won the prestigious 2017 Australian Jewellery Design Awards for her handmade white gold and South Sea pearl bracelet. This stunning piece draws on the mystique of the ocean and creates an optical illusion of pearls moving in water.  

CLICK HERE  to view Lynaire's award winning bracelet.

Based in the Waikato, Lynaire has over two decades of experience in goldsmithing.  Lynaire's exquisite handmade jewellery is crafted with the finest quality pearls and precious stones. Designing a bespoke, high end, piece of jewellery to suit you or someone special in your life, is Lynaire's specialty!

Hand selected stones and South Sea pearls - Jewellery Hamilton

Lynaire often heads overseas to source precious stones and pearls. It takes many hours to carefully select the right stones and pearls for her handmade jewellery. 

The Australian white South Sea pearls that Lynaire works with are some of the finest and best priced, you will see in jewellery Hamilton, New Zealand.

Specialising in South Sea pearls - jewellery Hamilton

Australian South Sea pearls, Philippine gold pearls, Tahitian black pearls and Fijian pearls, are remarkable treasures of nature and every pearl is unique. 

Each pearl Lynaire buys tells its own story, leading the way for her designs and handmade jewellery.

Pearls suit all skin tones and are the finest complement to any outfit!


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