Handmade Jewellery New Zealand

"Wearing a piece of jewellery designed and handcrafted by Lynaire, always attracts comments."   Liz

Lynaire Kibblewhite - Award Winning Jeweller New Zealand

  • Award Winner - Pearl category 2017 Australian Jewellery Design Awards
  • 25 years experience of designing and making jewellery
  • Hamilton jeweller - based in Waikato
  • WOW entrant 2007

"Capturing the magic of an optical illusion makes the award winning bracelet very unique.

An elegant line of beautiful South Sea pearls sit within white gold goblets each with an ability to be moved, thus giving the illusion they are floating in water!"

CLICK HERE  to view Lynaire's award winning bracelet.

Collections of Finely Crafted Jewellery

"Designing and making exquisite jewellery with quality gemstones and pearls just for you."

"I love seeing my clients feel special and stand tall in a beautiful piece of handmade jewellery. It is the most rewarding part of my job."

Anzac commemoration pendant, sterling silver and garnet poppies

"I absolutely love Lynaire‚Äôs work, and personally own quite a few of her jewellery pieces. They are so unique, specific to what you may want, beautifully made and look amazing! 

Thank you Lynaire for all your efforts in hand crafting stunning jewellery."
Liddy Sanders

Handmade Jewellery New Zealand 


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