Lynaire Kibblewhite - Award Winning Jewellery Designer & Goldsmith

Lynaire Kibblewhite is an award winning goldsmith who has recently won the prestigious 2017 Australian Jewellery Design awards for her hand-made white gold and South Sea pearl bracelet. This stunning piece draws on the mystique of the ocean and creates an optical illusion of pearls moving in water.  

Based in the Waikato, Lynaire has over two decades of experience in goldsmithing. Bespoke custom made jewellery for your special someone is her specialty. Lynaire designs exquisite jewellery with top quality gems and can help you design and craft your perfect piece.

Hand selected stones and South Sea Pearls

I believe in delivering quality to my clients. To ensure this, I attend trade fairs around the world searching for and selecting some of the finest gems. My particular interests are in coloured gem stones, South Sea Pearls and finely crafted Italian cameos.

Specialising in South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearls are one of nature's remarkable treasures. Each pearl that an oyster produces is unique. They have a mystical aura about them. They complement all skin tones and can be worn for any occasion.

Competition Design

September 3, 2017
Not so long ago, I went with my husband to one of his work functions. A professor engaged me in conversation.  He was intrigued to learn that I was a goldsmith and he proceeded to quiz me on the subject. His final question was, “Are you any good?” I don’t mind a straight up question, but...
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