The Value of Jewellery

It is true, although it is hard for me to say it, there are some people who don’t see the point of jewellery – imagine that!

Obviously I disagree with this so I will put forward, what I hope to be, three compelling points for the case of jewellery:

1. Connection to family
2. Investment – for long term gain
3. Style – elegance and sophistication (These two words alone are enough to rest my case!)

Connection to Family

The gift of jewellery, to a friend, to a child for a significant birthday, to a lover – be they spouse or otherwise, is an immediate heart warming reward. Perhaps in the case of the latter a little more than just heart-warming. 

Wearing jewellery that has been bestowed to you by a family member carries with it a special sense of connection to the person that it came from.

In giving a fine piece of jewellery to someone, or purchasing for yourself, you are also investing in something that will be treasured by your children, grandchildren or other family members for years to come.

It is not infrequently that I am asked by people, if their grandmothers pearls that have been left to them, are real or not - frequently they are not. Therefore it is highly logical to spend a little more and buy something of value.

Side thought - Tattoos

Interesting to note just how much money people spend on tattoos today. This expense is something that you literally take with you to the grave.  A tattoo is a piece of art that has a special meaning/story behind it to the wearer, but the picture, surprisingly, can’t be left behind for loved ones!

Investment - Jewellery for Financial Gain

If you are purchasing a piece of jewellery for future financial gains, then consider the quality of the stones or pearls in the piece. The more unique or special the characteristics are to the gemstones, then the rarer it may be or will become.

Natural gemstones are a limited resource. There are some gemstone mines that have already closed down or have passed their peak of production.  

The mere mention of 'Old Mine Kashmir Sapphires’ sends ripples of awe through people who know of their quality and scarcity. Similarly and sadly, The Sleeping Beauty turquoise mines have recently closed down.  I purchased some top grade, rough (uncut stones) quite a few years ago – it would be interesting to know what they would be worth now.

As I head overseas to purchase stones or South Sea pearls it is not like heading into a warehouse to purchase a stock standard washing machine. The array of pearls and hand cut stones I look at, are all different. Even a pair of stones set aside for earrings will differ slightly from each other.

Pearls are never identical – remember they are created under the watchful eye of Mother Nature with only a touch of man’s help. Strands of pearls can take years to complete due to the difficulty of matching the pearls. Unfortunately, upon selecting stones and pearls, my eyes are nearly always drawn to the most expensive!

Final note to consider when purchasing jewellery for financial investment is who the jeweller is.  Jewellery from a jeweller of ‘note’ will increase over time. The biggest increase being on the jewellers departure from this world!

A True Side Story About a Faberge Egg

An American man bought a gold egg, at an auction, for its gold and stone content.  He intended to sell it on for scrap metal and make a few hundred dollars in the process. He paid the equivalent of £8000 for the egg.

He offered it to a few metal dealers to buy but they said he was asking too much and wouldn’t purchase it. (BIG MISTAKE!)

The man held on to the egg for a few years, until he one day decided to google search the inscription he found inside the egg.

What he found was an article recently posted on the net, asking if anyone had seen this egg and that it was worth £20,000,000!

After recovering from his shock, he contacted the author of the article and shortly afterwards welcomed  to his home, a man from England.

The Englishman was working on behalf of his client who was a collector of Faberge Eggs. After verifying that the egg was genuine, he paid the American £20 million and left.

The American wished to remain anonymous and apparently changed his life very little - undoubtedly a good sign that he must have been content with his life already.


Without a doubt a personal favourite – life is too short to dress poorly!

But why should you bother?

Dressing with style, gives you confidence, projects confidence and helps build confidence in others.

Fine jewellery is the finishing touch to any outfit.  It takes what ever you are wearing, be it mere jeans and a t-shirt, from ordinary to ‘chic'!

I enjoy seeing the effect my jewellery has on woman as they try it on. Their faces light up, they stand a little taller and they feel special.

And For My Work?

What I create is classic - at times a statement but never overstated - pieces for your everyday or evening wear. They are hand crafted from fine quality pearls and gems and designed for you and your loved ones to treasure forever!

And To Close..

Jewellery gives immediate rewards to the wearer and the giver.

It is something special to leave behind to loved ones.

If carefully selected, it can increase in financial value.

It is the finishing touch to any outfit and empowers the wearer!


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