Pendant - An ANZAC commemoration piece


"Lest We Forget"

This sterling silver ANZAC commemoration pendant has a few meanings behind its design.

One side of this water pitcher is pave set with garnets to represent poppies in fields.  The other side has a wee mouse and the words 'Lest we forget'  hand engraved next to it.
The mouse is to represent one of the 2nd World Wars most famous female war hero's, "Nancy Wake". The Gestapo called her The White Mouse as they couldn't catch her.

I have made this pendant as a water pitcher to represent all the medics in war. So many of them must have felt such despair at the task of patching up and looking after soldiers.
Water, the life sustaining substance, may have been all that they could offer.


  • Metal - stg silver
  • Height of pendant, 19mm, width 16mm
  • Stones - garnets
SKU: 10013

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