Bracelet - Competition Winner!


This bracelet was the award winning piece for the pearl section of the 2017 Australian Jewellery Design Awards.

This extraordinary bracelet uses light to capture and reflect the individual colours of each pearl in the highly polished, white gold goblets. The pearls have been set so that they can move and as they do so, light dances within creating an illusion of moving water. Please watch the video below to see this effect.

Click here to see a short video of how the pearls move, creating an illusion of coloured water.


  • Length of bracelet 18.5cm
  • Pearls are a combination of Australian whites, Philippine golds,  greens from Tahiti, bronze, blue and pink/blue from Fiji.
  • Pearls are approx. 10mm diameter
  • 9ct white gold and 18ct white gold
  • Valuation Certificate available by Advanced Gem Lab
SKU: 10045

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