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"I absolutely love Lynaire’s work and personally own quite a few of her pieces. They are so unique, specific to what you may want, beautifully made and look amazing! Thank you Lynaire for all your efforts in crafting stunning pieces."

Liddy Sanders

"Over the past 20 years I have been the lucky recipient of several pieces of  jewellery crafted by Lynaire. On every occasion, whether by gift or request and whether for smaller or more significant projects, Lynaire has been a delight to work with. She approaches every step of the process with creativity, perfectionism, originality and flare. Her attention to the quality of materials, the integrity of her handiwork and her commitment to creating an item that 'fits' the person, is unrelenting. The result is not only a personalised item of jewellery, equal or surpassing in quality and investment to any Haute Couture piece, but also a work of art to treasure for generations."

Jo Dowling 

"I am fortunate enough to own several Kibblewhite pieces. I have come to share Lynaire’s love of pearls. What I really love the most is the personalisation of each of Lynaire’s pieces of art; a string of pearls will be made all the more beautiful by the handmade clasp made to suit the individual. I have purchased items for children (matching bunny necklaces for best friends), colleagues (cufflinks and earrings with our organisational logo), loved ones (cufflinks and bookmark with a Newfoundland dog head for my husband, shell necklace for my sister’s 50th), and of course as a treat for myself :-)  Lynaire’s talent and attention to detail is second-to none, making her jewellery an investment that will last through generations."

Katie Ayers - Paediatric Dentist

Jewellery New Zealand

"Lynaire's pieces are always beautiful works of art, made with a passion for pearls with wonderful creativity and attention to detail and quality. We love the uniqueness and artisan care which goes into each item, and it catches lots of positive attention when it is worn."

Phil Taylor - Tomkins Wake Lawyers

Handmade Jewellery New Zealand

"I am fortunate enough to have several bespoke pieces of jewellery made by Lynaire Kibblewhite. 

The first piece of jewellery she made for me was a pair of earrings in sterling silver and lapis lazuli. Lynaire designed them to go with a necklace I already owned. The match was perfect - as though they had been bought as a set. 

The other pieces of jewellery were to commemorate special occasions and each time I only had a few ideas of what I wanted. Through discussions and sketching, which also involved my husband, she came up with the perfect pieces of stunning jewellery.  Lynaire is a talented, versatile designer with great communication skills. 

Lynaire's work is beautifully crafted and I enjoy her exhibitions, where I have purchased jewellery for myself and as presents.

I feel very privileged to have found some one who can make such beautiful, individualised pieces of jewellery."

C Jones

Handmade Jewellery  New Zealand


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